Rohara Alexandra

Rohara Alexandra

“Alexandria” is a stunning purebred Arabian and the foundation mare for Centerline Sport Horses INC’s breeding program. Alexandria possesses the qualities we strive for in our breeding program, good substance and bone, correct, smooth conformation, an elegant head and neck. She possesses a quality walk, with relaxation, reach and overstep, and a fluid, big, expressive trot, with ground covering strides, and a balanced, quality canter. In addition to this, Alexandria has a kind, trusting disposition, she is willing, and prior to beginning her broodmare career, proved herself to be a pleasure to ride, with a desire to work and the intelligence to pick up new things quickly. This lovely mare is also very well bred, with a pedigree as exceptional as she herself is.

In 2013 Alexandria went to the American Hanoverian Society’s (AHS) inspection. Here she was the only Arabian in attendance. The AHS is one of the few warmblood registries to accept Arabians into their studbook, but it is known to be no easy task. Alexandria was inspected and received outstanding scores and marks, including on her head a 9.0- with the comment “Beautiful head, nice eye, nice expression”, her neck was scored an 8.0, as well as an 8.0 for Typiness, femininity with the comment “Very beautiful mare.” Alexandria was approved and accepted into the AHS Studbook.

Alexandria from the start of her time as a broodmare not only proved herself to be an outstanding mother, but also an outstanding producer. Together her offspring have earned 1 National Championship, 3 National Top Ten’s, 1 Regional Reserve Championship, and 3 Regional Top 5’s. Her offspring include:

Alexandria is bred to the exceptional Hanoverian stallion Wolkentanz II for a 2014 foal.

 Rohara Alexandria

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