SA Commotion

SA Commotion+ Has been a part of the Petzold family since 1996. Started as a Hunter/Jumper Commotion filled the shelves with numerous wins on the Open circuit as he served as Kristen Petzolds’s first horse. With his Big Flashy Gaits that far surpass his smaller frame Commotion competed through Second Level in just 2 years, becoming a multi champion Sport Horse. Commotion continued his career with Susan Petzold, earning her several wins in the Dressage and Sport Horse arena. Commotion was retired in late 2008, he still resides at Centerline, where he is still treated like a prince, and showered with treats and love.

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Rocky is the head of the farm at Centerline Sport Horses INC. Purchased when he was 32 years young, Rocky was Joshua Petzold’s first horse. He was a spunky mount and the star of many parades before he was retired from riding. He has been a part of the Centerline family for 14 years and is now 45 years old. Rocky is a Walkaloosa Gelding standing at 15 hands high. He is the head of the heard in the “Mare field” and is showered with love and attention on a daily basis.

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